was taken out of existence by

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a cessé d’exister du fait de

deixou de existir

was taken out of existence by

wurde seiner Existenz beraubt durch

αναιρέθηκε από

прекратил существование посредством


Values expected to be one of these types
Used on these types
As Subject:
predicate object
subPropertyOf P12i_was_present_at
domain E77_Persistent_Item
range E64_End_of_Existence
label "a cessé d’exister du fait de"@fr
"deixou de existir"@pt
"was taken out of existence by"@en
"wurde seiner Existenz beraubt durch"@de
"αναιρέθηκε από"@el
"прекратил существование посредством"@ru
type owl:ObjectProperty